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LAOFOV LIGHTING has went through a glory way by their great hard work and sweat inputting, achieving the rapid and significant development, from the phase of setting up when operating by around 10 person to present rosy period running by 600 full dedicated employees, resulting in the spread of sales network to all over China and about 60 countries overseas and enjoying good reputation in China LED glass tube lights industry.
I'd like to give my sincere thanks to all the people who've give us support and care. Thanks to our lovely colleagues who have been working so hard for our company.
People can only get great success by the powerful self confidence and great efforts. It's the same to the company. Great confidence let us fearless to face up to the strong competition and challenge. Great efforts make us close to our goals step by step. Both of these roots in the culture of our company, letting LAOFOV people more confident about the futures. We believe we can provide better products and services to all of our customers. And we'd like to serve more customers in the world.


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